Ticket purchase conditions

Ticket fare rules

Terms change the flight date: the date fixed. If aircompany  allows  to change the date of the flight, the customer pays all the fees for the aircompany.
Change the name, last name: unchanged. If aircompnay allows  to change the names of passengers, the customer pays all fees.
Flight not be changed.
Terms return ticket: CAN NOT BE RETURNED. In case of cancellation of flight or late flight, the money will not be returned to the client in the amount of 100% of the ticket price.
Before leaving client have to check flight time at the aircompany , at airport or in the information telephone or support service AVIAPLANE.COM
Project aviaplane.com not responsible for delays, flight cancellations or other problems that are related to aircompany or airport.
While the tickets are not paid, the prices may vary.
Reservation is not confirmed until the client has not yet sent a letter confirming the flight.
If a passenger registers less baggage than he paid, payment for luggage is not returned.
The Customer shall be 100% responsibility for the data entered in the booking system for buying tickets.